Happy meal #11 Failure!

It’s pretty obvious that not all of my cooking endeavours end happily ever after. There are times when it’s a complete hit and then there are times when it’s a tragic miss. This is an example of a sad miss.

Moonblush tomatoes
Moonblush tomatoes

It started off pretty well: with two packs of cherry tomatoes, I embarked on making moonblush tomatoes from Nigella Express. I love tomatoes and these were easy enough to prepare. Leave them overnight and voila! you get lovely tasty tomatoes the next day. The oven smelt aromatic too, thanks to the combination of olive oil and thyme.

With a huge plate of tomatoes and no other ingredients in the fridge, I decided to make us healthy pasta. There was a can of button mushroom sitting in the cupboard so I took that out too, chopped it up and chucked it into the pan to be cooked in the oil from the tomatoes. I should have stopped there but no, Nigella wannabe here was emboldened by her bravado the previous time and meddled with the simplicity of the meal.

I added juice from a lemon and simmered the mushroom in the juice. Oops. Mistake! Too much juice and cooked for too long. By the time I realised my folly, the mushrooms were SOUR. As in REALLY SOUR. As in SUPER LEMON SOUR. I tried to counter the taste by adding in some white wine and it helped a little but it was too late.

Thankfully, after tossing the pasta in the juices and mixing it up with the tomatoes, it didn’t taste as bad as it did initially but it definitely wasn’t too happy a meal. Poor husband. He not only had to put up with a tangy dinner, he was also distraught that there was NO MEAT. He might have wailed a little.

Lesson learnt: Simplicity is good.

Looks good, tasted blah
Looks good, tasted blah

3 thoughts on “Happy meal #11 Failure!”

  1. Your oven-dried tomatoes look so pretty!
    I know it might sound weird, especially when making a savoury dish, but adding a bit of sugar will correct most “accidental” tartness.
    Mr Thick will definitely not like eating in my house – I only eat chicken and fish and it took the red meat-loving boyfriend a while to get used to not having meat at every meal. x


  2. The tomatoes were GOOD, unlike the pasta.
    Thanks for the tip! See what a noob I am when it comes to cooking. šŸ˜›

    Gawd yeah, he would absolutely die but I think your diet is perfectly healthy! I am definitely cutting down on red meat and doing more chicken and fish.


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