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It’s a rockin’ 2010

Muse. February 3, 2010. Singapore Indoor Stadium.

And possibly…

The Killers. February 13-21. Sydney/Perth/Melbourne.

Failing which, we could just head to Big Day Out and catch Muse, Lily Allen, Groove Armada and The Temper Trap all at one gig.

Oh my gawd! Watching Brandon Flowers and Matt Bellamy live would make me a very happy girl indeed. Hopefully, Muse performing in Indoor Stadium would be as epic as their concert at Wembley. That was sheer perfection.

Now, if only I can find a way to catch Gary Lightbody live too.

7 thoughts on “It’s a rockin’ 2010”

  1. didn’t muse go to Singapore already? i thot they did the supermassive black hole/exopolitics (can’t remember the name of the album) tour already.

    I also love The Killers…But i only listened to Hot Fuzz and Samtown.


  2. @melly I really really really hope we get to go!

    @lxlb Yeah they came to Singapore in 2007 but I didn’t go for that one…they just released a new album so this tour is for that.


  3. I think it’s age – the boyfriend and I don’t enjoy big festivals anymore. Too much running around from stage to stage to see the bands we want to see. We’d rather go see them at their own shows.
    We’ve been going to smaller festivals like Laneway ( If you are coming to Australia for Big Day Out and have a few weeks to spare, come early for Laneway. You will not regret it.
    The other one we’ve been going to is V Festival but sadly, they are not bringing it out here this year. Very very sad. x


  4. Yeah I think I would rather watch a single concert rather than a festival thing. 😦 Especially if it’s a performer that we really love. I’m dying to catch V Festival too! But the London one though. 🙂

    Thanks for the Laneway tip, will check it out!


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