Two of Us

Married life #7

Husband and I were watching Julie & Julia over a yummy mac & cheese dinner and during the movie, Paul Child toasts his larger-than-life wife Julia (Meryl Streep is such a wonderful, wonderful actress!) and calls her “the butter to my bread, the breath of my life”.

I turned to the husband and asked, Am I the butter to your bread?

Without blinking, he replied, You are the butter, the kaya, the Nutella, everything I need on my bread.


In the movie, whenever Julie Powell made dinner, her sweet husband Eric would take a bite and go “mmm that’s so good mmm mmm MMM”. Or something like that. His face would also contort into an expression that can only be described as gastronomic orgasm.

You never do that when I cook, I groused.

He gave me a “you are so dramatic” look and replied, I finish EVERYTHING you make!

I guess that’s validation enough.

At Shashlik during our wedding anniversary

(PS If you haven’t watched Julie & Julia, please do! It’s so uplifting and fun. Meryl Streep is amazing. Her chemistry with Stanley Tucci is so warm and genuine and she made me laugh the minute she appeared on the screen. The cooking and food are inspirational. Yum!)

3 thoughts on “Married life #7”

  1. I fell asleep leh….Meryl Streep put on this droning voice that just sends me straight to bed. You know, like the voice from Sex and the City. The lead. I can’t remember her name. Carry something.

    I don’t even remember how it ended.


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