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Sweating it out

It may come across as propaganda-ish but honestly, nothing gets me going like a good workout.

Some days, I may be spent and worn out after getting off from work but I almost immediately feel better after dragging my unwilling body to the gym.
Yoga gets me all calm and stretchy, like someone’s pulled out all the kinks from my body.
Pump makes me feel strong and empowered.
Swimming clears the cobwebs from my head, and I feel refreshed and new after a plunge into the cold water.
RPM gets me pushing boundaries of my physical endurance like I have never done before.

So what better way than to start the long weekend with a grueling session of pump?
75 minutes long – with a dash of cardio madness.
Followed by a comfortable swim of 10 laps. I even got husband to swim two more laps so yay to him.
Chilling by the pool with my favourite boy (not husband!) and whispering to each other conspiratorially about how unseemly it is that our partners are on the weightier side.

Pool at Fusionopolis
Pool at Fusionopolis

Trevor says hello
Trevor says hello

6 thoughts on “Sweating it out”

  1. @ YC Trevor looks naked and oily.

    @ ash Ooh did you join Fusionopolis? I go there once or twice a month – it’s too far for me. But I love it there.


  2. I joined all clubs actually! The beau’s office is in Fusion so I got dragged there but it’s not all that convenient for me too. So far, I haven’t started because I have my ipod died and I can’t run w/o music (excuses..)But will try to go soon.


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