The organised chaos

Once upon a time

The carousel had looked so tempting.
The warm glow of the lights, the glee of the children perched upon the wooden horses, the laughter of their parents.
I wanted to take a ride and have the world spinning around me.
But I didn’t.
Because I felt too old and too adult to do it.
Now I wish I had.

When I was a kid, I read voraciously, mostly out of boredom.
Afterall, when you are stuck at home with a mom who worked long hours and a nonchalant sister who didn’t care about what you did, there wasn’t much to do.
But reading was also my escape into a happier world.
And back then, the world frequently ended with “…and they lived happily ever after”.
I should have known better than to place my faith in fairy tales.
Because life as an adult is so much more complex than simply riding into the sunset, basking in joy and warmth.

Photo from my trip to Disneyland Tokyo.

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