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Tokyo raves: Sumida river cruise

When we were in Tokyo, we walked and we walked. And then we walked some more. And still we walked. Every night, all we wanted to do was soak in the tub and rest our aching feet.

So, it was a nice break when we took a boat ride down the Sumida river from Asakusa to Hinode Pier. The sun was setting, the weather was cool and crisp and the sights were interesting.

Sumida river cruise ticket

The Asahi Golden Flame Asakusa

We must have passed under more than 20 bridges

Sun setting over Rainbow Bridge

Little Miss Shopaholic

What I wore in Tokyo #2

I know…Tokyo was so last year. But I haven’t finished writing about my trip yet! I’m currently holed up at home due to the debilitating UTI so hopefully I can sit still enough to churn out everything.

(Yes, it has struck again and I now have brightly coloured pee…or is that TMI?)

Dress & Tights - Topshop; Boots - From Taiwan; Bag - Marc by Marc Jacobs

This was taken on our third day in Tokyo. We were on our way to the beautiful Meiji Shrine and boy, was the sun shining that day! I didn’t even need a jacket.

We were going to hit the trendy Harajuku/Omotesando area after that so I didn’t want to look dowdy next to the fashionably forward Japanese. You can’t really see from the photo but the dress has tiny prints of anchors and makes me feel like a sailor girl.

We didn’t buy much though – I was feeling the pinch and things were pretty pricey. But I did score a funky Balmain-esque dress with the big shoulder pads from H&M which I haven’t worn. I’ll probably be teased mercilessly by my friends when I wear it – I’ve been called “Christmas tree” a lot – but I don’t really care.

And as always, the photo was taken by husband.