The organised chaos

Another year, another birthday

Goodbye 20s!

I celebrated my birthday last Tuesday and am proudly staring at 30 in the eye as next year will be the year I step over the threshold and say goodbye to my 20s. Ahh, the good ‘ol 20s. I think I may just be all too happy to leave those sordid years behind.

Anyway, we had a picnic at the field across from our place the Saturday before the big day. I’ve been meaning to go down there for a while now – the place is huge and there are lots of going on there every weekend. There are Indians playing cricket, families flying kites and men with big-ass battery-powered planes.

Picnic basket

Kites in the sky

Buttermilk fried chicken - doesn't look too good but was yummy!

Mah boys

That was as high as it went

Not knowing that the boys were joining us, I made a little picnic for two: buttermilk fried chicken from Thomas Keller’s Ad Hoc at Home, mashed potato with butter and garlic and a salad. The fried chicken was a bit burnt (I wanted to make sure it was cooked through) but tasted pretty damn good!

The boys very sweetly bought me a bunch of purple and white ballons which I absolutely adored.

I tried sleeping with the balloons in the room but they freaked me out

On the day itself, I took the day off and had some me time. Got my hair cut, bought the photo album from Frankie magazine (I love, LOVE! the book) and sat down with it for a spot of tea and sandwiches at my favourite tea lounge – the Royal Copenhagen.

In the evening, Mr Thick took me to dinner at the Japanese restaurant at the Esplanade. It was fab! The grilled cod fish was deliciously tender and the sashimi was fresh.

And then! We were supposedly admiring the evening skyline at the rooftop of Esplanade when we were ambushed by a gaggle of people! Mr Thick had sneakily arranged for the gang to have after-dinner drinks with us, heh. ‘Twas a nice surprise. We went to Orgo and were bundled into a glass enclosure where we promptly drank ourselves silly till midnight.

It was a happy birthday. 🙂