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Black holes and revelations

I am officially no longer mourning the demise of The Killers’ concert.

Who cares about those Las Vegas ingrates when THERE IS MUSE? We went for their The Resistance tour yesterday and it was PHENOMENAL. I was jumping and throwing my hands up in the air from the get-go and it seems like the entire stadium felt the same. By the end of the concert, I was soaked through in perspiration.

That the band is charismatic and talented is undeniable. How do you explain, otherwise, how three men can hold 11,000 people enthralled without fancy footwork or glittery costumes? All they had were their instruments and Matt Bellamy’s hypnotic voice. They spoke little and concentrated on their music.

And during the bridge of Starlight, it was simply magical to hear the entire crowd sing together in unison. I don’t think Singaporeans have ever sung our National Day songs with as much passion and fervour.


In other news, a publishing house contacted me and asked to use my photo for one of their articles! The money isn’t that great but hey, it’s not really about the money, is it?

I mean, I take pictures for fun and I am not even that good at it. Sometimes, I think that I am lucky because I have a good set of camera and lens so the pictures just turn out with nice DOF and vibrant colours. And armed with my basic knowledge of Photoshop, it’s really not too tough to turn a so-so photo into a nice one.

But. Anyhow. It feels nice to have someone think that my photo is nice enough to be published so yay!

Prada window display at Ion

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