Two of Us

Hello again!

It hasn’t been that long but here I am again, with a brand new look for the website too.

It felt really good stripping the site down to its bare bones and building it to its current minimalist look. Perhaps a sign of age? I really like it – just black and white (and a touch of purple, I can’t forget about my favourite colour!). Even the font of the header is special to me – it’s called Jane Austen, who happens to be one of my favourite authors, right alongside dear ‘ol Billy Shakespeare and Neil Gaiman.

Before the break, I was feeling as if I was writing just so that people would have something to read. I was facing some issues in my personal life as well, which I wasn’t – and still isn’t – comfortable discussing online. It’s a lot better now, thanks to frank conversations with dear friends and husband. Plus, my boss was away on emergency leave for almost two weeks and it was really tough holding the fort while she was gone.

Thankfully, all’s fine now and I have much to thank husband for. This afternoon, he was all warm and toasty in bed and refused to get up, even though it was past noon. I jumped onto him (it’s not as explicit as it sounds!) and tried to pummel him awake but instead, he wrapped his big arm around me and had me pinned against that broad chest for a while. At that moment, all I could think of was, I love him so much.

Mushy but it’s so true. And I want to immortalise this moment forever.

Something always brings me back to you

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