The Garden Slug

I’m currently down with a nasty throat infection that had my doctor shaking his head and asking why I did not go to him earlier. What can I say? I have my mother’s mentality when it comes to doctors and medicine – self-medicate first! In this case, it was epic fail.

Anyway, Mr Thick and I, being food lovers, have been trying out new places to spend our money on. One of the places that he had discovered was The Garden Slug. I’m not quite sure how he uncovered this little nook next to the kitties’ vet clinic, it’s possibly thanks to the iPhone app BuUuk. I quite like the place because firstly, they serve all-day breakfast and places that serve all-day breakfast are cool and hip in my books. Secondly, you feel happy and relaxed there, there’s no buzz in the air that makes you want to jump out of your seat and GO GO GO. Am I making any sense? Blame that medication that makes me drowsy!

The food was pretty good too. I wouldn’t say it is FABULOUS but it’s good, hearty stuff and priced decently too.

Bruschetta - $4.90 for two pieces

I love tomatoes! Nom nom nom. This was alright – fresh tomatoes with crusty bread.

Greek salad - $12.50

This was quite a large serving – we didn’t manage to finish it, although I made sure all the cherry tomatoes were demolished. Told you I love tomatoes. I liked the zesty dressing.

Buttery Garlic Glaze topped with Grilled Chicken strips - $14.90

I’m actually in two minds about the pasta. I liked the subtle garlicky taste of it, liked the spiciness of it (you can choose to have it spicy or not) and liked that the chicken did not taste like dried cardboard, not that I have tried cardboard before. But the down side was that it was drowning in oil, which made me feel urghs towards the end. I know, it’s olive oil, but you do know that olive oil is FAT, right? Fat in any form is still FAT.

The Ultimate Steak Sandwich - $18.90

Mr Thick is not called Mr Thick for no reason – he likes his meals hearty and meaty. This was done pretty nicely, the beef was tender and I liked the bread.

When we went there at 8pm on a Sunday night, the place was not packed and service was prompt. Lovely, for we were starving. It’s a great place to go if you are living in the east and not in the least interested in jostling with the crowds in town.

The Garden Slug
55 Lorong L Telok Kurau, #01-59/61 Bright Centre
Singapore 425500
6346 0504