Koh Grill & Sushi Bar

We are probably late to the game but we’ve just recently discovered a wonderful Japanese restaurant that serves mid-priced food and delectable fresh sashimi (thanks to me bestie). Well, calling it a “restaurant” would be a misnomer because it’s not quite a restaurant since it’s located within a food court.

Yes, you heard right, a food court. I hate food courts and think that the food served there is usually overpriced crap. But this is different, I think I may be patronising Koh Grill & Sushi Bar a lot more now.

Tucked near the escalator of the Wisma Atria Food Republic, this stall may not be dressed very prettily or have service staff that shout out iraishaimasu in mangled Japanese but boy, does it serve awesome Japanese food. According to the sashimi chef, they get their seafood fresh from Tsukiji market every Tuesday and Friday. He loves to recommend fresh picks to the patrons, something that I appreciate greatly. Plus, they have some truly great value bento sets that can put your typical conveyor belt sushi chains to shame (coughsakaesushicough).

Fish & Teriyaki chicken bento set

This was what Mr Thick had – a bento set that had a slab of saba fish and teriyaki chicken. It even came with chawanmushi and a soup. Yummy! I don’t tend to like teriyaki sauce because many restaurants ruin it by drowning their meat with the sickly sweetness of it but this one was just nice. Can’t remember the price but it was probably a princely $15?

Sashimi/nigiri bento - $16.90

I ordered the most “expensive” bento – a mix of sashimi, maki and nigiri. It cost me all of $16.90 and came with a small bowl of soba. It was incredible! The sashimi – tuna, salmon and swordfish – were deliciously fatty and fresh.

Otoro - $24

This has to be the highlight of my meal (Mr Thick doesn’t like sashimi, that poor man) – OTORO! Four decadent slices of the fatty smooth meat…just check out the marbling! Isn’t it gorgeous? Every bit of it just melted in my mouth. Mmm!

Of course, this being a food court means you have to put up with the noise, the smell and the crowd. But for such bargain prices and great tasting food, I reckon the trade-off is well worth it.

435 Orchard Road
#04-21 Wisma Atria

2 thoughts on “Koh Grill & Sushi Bar”

  1. Omg i LOVE this place!! I don’t know how, but every time my mum and I go there, we end up spending like upwards of a hundred bucks! All cuz the chef there will recommend this and that and concoct new dishes and we’ll just go Yesyesyes. LOVE.


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