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Hide and Seek

This may sound trite but Imogen Heap’s Hide and Seek is surely one of the songs that I love more and more over time. It’s beautifully written, so simple and yet it reaches so deep into your heart. Anyone who has ever endured the pain of a broken heart will surely feel the song.

She may not be the perfect singer, especially live, but she is definitely one of the best performers that I have had the pleasure of catching. She’s so genuine and funny and amazingly talented. I could not catch my breath, she took all of us on a train ride that started with a flurry and ended with a warm fuzzy feeling. We clapped, cheered, shouted, cried, laughed and smiled. There was pain and humour and hope and joy.

It was a wondrous journey of emotions and musical soundscape.

And then there’s Wait It Out. How true the lyrics are.

Everybody says time heals everything
But what of the wretched hollow
The endless in-between
Are we just going to wait it out?