Two of Us

Another year, another birthday

Husband turned 36 two weeks ago, and it’s the 10th time we have celebrated his birthday together. I still remember the ring that I had bought him for his 26th; he wore it everyday until we became Thick and Thin and then he replaced it with his wedding band. The ring is now sitting in our little accessory drawer, a constant witness to the highs and lows of our journey.

I took him out to dinner at Prive and it turned out to be a good decision. The service staff was warm and friendly; the food was delicious and the table was private and cosy.

And then we headed back home for a brilliantly executed surprise (which nearly gave husband a heart attack). I had handed the keys to our friends before the dinner and they had all gathered stealthily in east end, waiting for our arrival under the cloak of darkmess. I managed to get him to go into the house first and as he started calling out for Emi, fumbling in the dark for the light switch, they yelled “SURPRISE!” and he jumped a good 10cm up into the air! It was priceless.

It was a good date with the most wonderful man in my life. Love you, husband of mine!

His: Braised Wagyu Short Rib ($35)
Mine: Seafood Spaghettini ($28)
Dark chocolate ice-cream cake

4 thoughts on “Another year, another birthday”

  1. @ Dotz Yes you should! The food was excellent. Just make sure you get the directions first, it was a little hard to find.

    @ Sandy Haha! I wished someone had captured that moment.

    @ Grace Thank you! Glad that I made you smile. 😉


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