Two of Us

Married life #9

One evening, on the way home in a bus…

Me: You don’t buy things for me anymore. You used to buy me things. Like clothes, bags and wallets.
Him: I’ll go shopping with you and then you buy your own things.
Me: You don’t buy me jewellery.
Him: I do!
Me: One ring.
Him: Two rings.
Me: Two in 10 years. That’s sad. I want one every six months!
Him: You only have so many fingers.
Me: I only have one body and I have a closet full of clothes.
Him: You…have a good point. I can’t argue against that.
Me: Can I elaborate on my point?
Him: No, I don’t want to hear it.
Me: You only have one butt and you have many pairs of boxers.
Him: Shuddup.