Baby, we’re cruisin’

Husband and I have always wanted to go on a cruise.

At the risk of sounding like geeks, we’ve always wanted to go on a cruise just for the fun of it. It’s sort of like on the list of 100 things we have to do before we die. Very cheesy but we like!

To celebrate the end of his reservist and his birthday, we decided to book ourselves for a cruise and have a relaxing holiday. Star CruisesSuperstar Virgo sail to Malacca/KL was the only one that fitted our schedule so that’s the one we went for.

We were seriously excited before boarding the ship. It was an adventure! On sea!

Splurged on a room with balcony
Haven't had a picture taken together in a while
Going past an oil refinery

The next morning, we roused ourselves up before 7am to catch the sunrise.

Sunrise from the balcony

We had most of our meals at Bella Vista, which is a Western restaurant that, oddly enough, served Chinese food as well. Due to the large percentage of Chinese elderly onboard, the Chinese restaurant was ALWAYS full and had queues that seemed neverending. Which worked out fine, we enjoyed the food at Bella Vista and could always get a table by the window. AND it was awesome to leave the table after eating and NOT have to pay.

Because the ship served six meals a day – breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, supper – we ate almost six times a day. Just because we could.

Oh, one thing that I have to say: I tasted the MOST VILE coffee while on the ship. We were chilling out at the Galaxy of the Stars lounge one afternoon and decided to order us some caffeine (which we had to pay for). I had a latte but from what I had drunk, I could have very well told the waiter that I wanted drain water mixed with mud and milk. Not that I have actually drunk that concoction before, I assure you.

A coffee most vile

Just for fun (and because it’s free, well, technically we paid for it), we decided to go for the ship’s musical performance titled Rasputin. I have to say, it was the most amusing and international musical I have ever seen. All “Rasputin” did was dance around the stage, accompanied by a pair of Chinese contortionists, a group of Chinese acrobats and men on stilts. It was pretty hilarious.

Before the show started

When the ship finally rolled towards Singapore on our last day, I felt a little sad. Life on a cruise, even on one as cheesy as Star Cruise, is peaceful, even if it’s a fake, plasticky sort of quiet. I mean, I really liked sitting in the jacuzzi doing nothing.

Surely that’s life.

Out at sea