Letters to

Before I hit 30

Dear Tiny Human,

For the first time in a long while, I have been feeling positive. Let’s just say that your Dad and I did the whoo hoo at the right time and I am thinking that this may just be IT – IT meaning you, of course.

I’ve been feeling ridiculously nauseous for a while now. Last night, your Dad and I were watching Britain’s Got Talent (a most excellent show, I hope it’s still around when you get to watch TV, like 12 years after your birth) and one of the acts was a burping man. Yes, my love, this man was on national TV to perform a most gigantic burp. It was so repulsive that I felt like throwing up my dinner, which was the chicken stew that your Por Por made. It did not affect your Dad at all – he’s been through national service after all – and I was left wondering if it’s just me.

And today, I saw something that made me feel optimistic and hopeful: the website which I go to for support calculated that your due date would be Jan 12, 2011, if you have been conceived. That means, you will be born on the same day as your Mommy some 30 years later. How tragic! Well, I do want to have a day where I get pampered like a queen by your Dad but truth be told, I am feeling sad for you because you will never get to celebrate a birthday on your own.

Also, I am not sure your Dad can handle another Capricorn in the house.

But I’d rather have you born on my birthday than none at all so please, please, please make your grand appearance soon, okay? Although it would be great if I could squeeze you out before my 30th, thank you very much.

Your Momma

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