Little Miss Shopaholic

Tea with me?

The venue where I have been going for my twice-weekly training sessions just happens to have a thrift shop, which is open for four hours a day. Whenever I can, I’ll make an effort to check out the shop during our ridiculously short lunch hours, just to see what treasures there are in that tiny little space.

I had spied a vintage turquoise suitcase going for $2 one afternoon. Silly me decided to deliberate about it (ie. post my dilemma on Twitter and expect some answers from my Twiends) and by the time I had made up my mind (BUY!), the shop had closed. And when I went back the week after, it was gone.

Lesson: NEVER think about vintage purchases – JUST BUY.

Anyway, one brief trip to the shop last week found me lugging this gorgeous set back into the training room. All my coursemates were amazed, they could not believe that I had actually bought something at the thrift shop. Heck, not all of them knew of the thrift shop to begin with.

Tea and scones for you, m'lady?

I was immediately captivated by a horrendous BIG pink prom dress and this elegant set of teacups. I didn’t buy the dress because it was just too ugly (even I have ugly limits) but how elegant are those rose prints? I feel all English already. Except these said “made in China”. Nobody does fake English like the Chinese.

English breakfast tea?

There are four very dainty teacups with matching saucers and lids. And by dainty, I mean, TINY. I could probably finish my tea in two big gulps. Which, of course, means that husband won’t be using it anytime soon. He’ll probably burp and cause the cups to break or something.

So that leaves me with a dilemma: should I store these away for use when I have girly guests over? Or should I just pretty them up and stick them into the display cabinet for…display?

Any girly person wants to come over for some tea soon? 🙂

Once more with vintage tint

6 thoughts on “Tea with me?”

  1. Where is this thrift shop that you are talking about? Pray, share this gem of a find so that I may find vintage trunks/ luggages there too! (” ,)


  2. how much did u pay for them teaset? i work across the street from scwo and has scored so much goodies from there! hee.. half price days – last 2 days of the month. 🙂


  3. Hey Mylene, I got it for $8. Not bad, eh? 🙂 You are so lucky to work near SCWO! I always have barely 10 minutes to browse through and I am sure there are more treasures to be found.

    Sandy and Biying – Okay, tea one Saturday, when my course has ended!


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