Happy meal #22: Quinoa pudding

I lost my groove for cooking during the whole training period. Didn’t have the time to cook, couldn’t muster up the energy needed to chop and fry and do whatever is necessary to put a dish on the dining table. But after a week of recovery, I think I have recovered sufficiently to start planning our meals again. Coming up for breakfast this Sunday is oeufs en cocette, or eggs baked in ramekins, from Julia Childs’ masterpiece ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking‘.

The quinoa pudding was actually made a while back – I had shot the pictures and uploaded them to my Flickr account but I just never had the time to write about it.

When I saw the recipe on Honest Fare, I knew immediately that I was going to try it. I had a spare pack of quinoa sitting in my drawer, bought during those days when I had a lightbulb moment at the supermarket and subsequently neglected. It was so easy to make and is so healthy.

I had bought a punnet of Dole strawberries to go along with the pudding but unfortunately, the strawberries were horribly sour (I miss the sweet juicy Korean strawberries). Husband tried a spoonful and immediately made a face, healthy food is not his thing, really.

Give it a shot – it makes a great breakfast!

A cup of quinoa
We love Meiji milk
Stir, stir, stir
The end product

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