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What is it about Sex and the City that holds us in thrall? It’s been almost 10 years since I fell under the charms of Carrie, Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte and still I feel the same for them today as I did before.

Now, the girls have “grown up” – well, all except Samantha. Everyone is dealing with marriage and motherhood and menopause (Samantha…of course). It’s ever so discordant and yet feels so right because we are all growing up together.

As always, I find myself identifying with Carrie the most. Call her what you like – whiny, spoilt, selfish – but she also represents all the insecurities that many women have. Her fears about marriage turning her and Big into a bored married couple resonates so strongly with me. How many times have I, after a hard day’s work, asked the very same question to Mr Thick while we are slumped on the sofa, watching telly?

I’m sure I’m not the only married woman out there who wonders about retaining that sparkle in the relationship. It was definitely a lot easier when we were just dating. Back then, all we needed to worry about was what time to meet and where. I’d put on a pretty dress, doll myself up and get all psyched up about the date as I jump and dance in my bedroom to the music drifting out from my iMac.

Now, on weekends, we are busy putting the laundry out to dry, vacuuming the mountain of cat hair that our two feline friends have miraculously shed despite our best efforts to groom them. By the time we are done, we are hot and sweaty, and in no mood to dress up and paint the town red. Most days, we just like to chill at home and enjoy what we have worked hard to put together.

We always have fun whenever we are together, oh we do. But almost two years into the marriage, there is definitely a line between comfortable banter borne out of love and oh-my-gawd-how-hot-is-he excitement. Which I think he is. Just saying! I mean, I married the guy!

Anyway, the movie was just fabulous. I laughed out loud at all the raunchy and unpolitically correct jokes (Jude Law? Haha! Lawrence of my labia? Hahaha!), and reveled in the fashion (love, LOVE Carrie’s Dior outfit at the suk). It felt like a big, happy reunion and oh goodness, how gorgeous is Aidan? But at the end of the day, it makes me happy to know that she went home to Big.

Cos I am just a big romantic at heart.

3 thoughts on “Sparkle”

  1. tell me about it…

    due to my early mornings, i usually leave the house before H even wakes up, and due to his late nights, i’m usually asleep before he comes back…

    we will usually spend a good part of our weekends at home, him working/ studying for his exams in the living room/ study, while I either mark/plan my work or if there’s nothing to rush, vegetate in front of the TV watching cable and we will “paint the town red” by changing out of our PJs to go down for dinner at HV/ I will insist on cooking him a meal (usually uninteresting and too much for two…)

    haha….twas my married life!



    Don’t even speak about marriage. I’m not even close to being married but I feel like i already am. -__- excitement = 0 , annoying = alot. hahaha


  3. @ fur at least you have HV! 😛 We only have Tampines Mall, which is usually full of people and screaming kids. Married life requires effort, man.

    @ Sarah GO WATCH!!! You will love it. Well, the SATC fans will gush about it while others will think it’s a waste of time.


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