Happy meal #23: Lemon souffle cakes

The nice thing about working near a MPH outlet is that I can easily pop into the bookstore during lunch or when I am feeling zonked at work. One such trip found me at the cookbook aisles, where I picked up Australian chef Bill Granger’s Bill’s Sydney Food at a nice discount.

I’ve always wanted to check out Bill Granger if ever I go to Sydney. I love the unassuming, cosy and relaxed atmosphere of his eateries and I have heard so much about his famed scrambled eggs. This 2009 updated edition of his cookbook is so beautifully made: pictures of sunny skies and sunlight streaming into his cafe, a chalkboard menu, gorgeous looking food…sigh.

One of the first few recipes that I tried out was the Lemon Souffle Cake. I really, really have a thing for pancakes – I think it stems from the fact that it was one of the first things I ever learnt to cook back in our old flat in Bedok. We had a large kitchen with lots of light, and I enjoyed beating up eggs and flour and making a huge batch of pancakes for lunch during the school holidays.

The addition of lemon gives this pancakes a nice zing, and the beating of the egg whites makes this all light and fluffy. Very nice. We had it for breakfast on Sunday and oh, what a great start to the day.

And a sprinkling of icing sugar...
with a fat meaty sausage