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Don’t look back

Orpheus melted the heart of Persephone,
But I never had yours
I followed you back to the end of the path
But I never found the door

And you can work to save your love
You can bear it from the earth below
You can work, but you can’t let go
Oh, oh but you have to know

Don’t look back, all you’ll ever get
Is the dust from the steps before
I don’t have to see you every day,
But I just want to know you’re there

Quietly took to the dark of the day
And the hiss of the summer night
The heat of the breeze was a cell block wall
And when I looked, you were out of sight

One of my favourite songs sung by one of my favourite actresses – Zooey Deschanel – and one of my favourite flowers in bloom (the other being calla).

5 thoughts on “Don’t look back”

  1. Zooey Deschanel is such a hoot and the girl with the prettiest blue eyes! Have never heard her sing though….gotta check that out soon. Is the title, “Don’t look back”?


  2. Hey Joy, yes that’s the title of the song.

    Jingmei, I just buy the potted plants from the nursery and water them, hoping that they won’t die!


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