The organised chaos

Summer fun

Well, it’s not quite summertime now, is it? As I am typing this, my curtains are swaying gently and the rain drops are pelting my window. Such strange weather we have!

The reason for my radio silence is that I’ve been busy with life! Working, going for yoga/pilates, movies, catching up with friends, playing with the cats, spending precious time with husband, getting some sleep…suddenly the hours fly by and hey! we are at the end of July. Even my plans to prepare a big pot of stew and a cheesecake today were nicely thwarted by a birthday celebration with my friends.

There’s a lovely trip to Ubud planned for our second anniversary (can you believe it, we’ve been married for almost two years!) – we’re going to go cycling, cooking classes, hiking, the works. And then…well, and then we’ll see what life has in store for us.

Will be back intermittently – I hope everyone is doing well and loving life!