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High on V

Poor, poor Mr Thick.

These days, he has but a shadow of a wife because she is swimming in a sea of True Blood. To say that I am piqued by the series is an understatement. But to be honest, it’s kind of his fault because he was the one who introduced me to the TV series like two years too late.

And now, I can’t stop myself. I’ve watched two seasons’ worth of episodes in a week and then I went online to search for rumours, gossip, trailers and PICTURES. After that, I decided to buy the series of books that the show is based on and thankfully, the poor relegated husband of mine got me the e-book version and loaded it into our iPad. For the past one week, I have been devouring the books (when I am not watching the latest episode of the current season) and suffice to say, the iPad hardly leaves my hands. Sorry dear. It’s mine. For now. And no, we are not getting another 3G set.

Back to True Blood. It’s incredibly dark, gory and violent but it’s also unbelievably funny, emotional and sexy. The cast is strong and the characters have depth. Oh, who am I kidding. Yes the plot is good, the acting is fab but the REAL reason why I watch it is because of the nekkid bodehs and the hot SEX. These people cannot be real, they have super defined abs and super firm butts. Like, HELLO, I AM ALL MUSCLES AND STRONG, TOUCH ME! Forget about sparkly boy vamps who should never take their shirts off, this is ALL MAN.

Now my site is going to show up when people search for “hot sex firm butts”.

I’ve now got a picture of Alexander Skarsgard smouldering in a grey suit on the wallpaper of my work laptop. Very fan girl, I know. Needless to say, I am firmly in the Team Eric camp. I will be extremely pissed if the producers of the series deviate from the books greatly and end up with a Sookie-Bill happily ever after. Bill has uncle hair. I don’t like uncle hair.

Here’s why Eric is the man, no, vampire of my dreams.

And one more.

Oh, let’s have another, shall we?

I’m going back to staring at my wallpaper now, if you’d excuse me.