The organised chaos


Hello, anybody there?

I’ve been missing in action for a while now, I know. Oh, there’s tonnes that I want to write about, everything’s buzzing in my brains. But this time, it wasn’t important to put everything down online, it wasn’t important to preserve the memories in words. It was more important, instead, for me to focus my energies on doing what needs to be done

Well, what’s done is done but it’s not over yet. No siree, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings. The road is still long and I don’t know when we will ever get there. It’s tiring, it’s maddening and it’s taking up too much of my mental bandwidth.

And yet I persist. Sometimes, I wonder why.

But I am thankful for the company that I keep on this journey. You know who you are: the constant sharing; the encouragement and positivity that you have bestowed upon me when I can’t find a glimmer of light in the sky; the way we laugh and turn sad things into funny things; the support that I had needed when things go awry.

Am I talking in circles? Yes, I suppose I am. One day, I will tell the story. When I am ready. When it’s time. Eventually.

I love this song, I love her soulful voice, I love the raw emotion.

PS: She sang live in this MTV!

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