The organised chaos

Little pockets of happiness

Every Thursday during lunch, I would go for my yoga lesson.
I love the mid-day break and the little snooze during meditation doesn’t hurt either.
But today was a little different: today, I brought along my own yoga mat.
It’s bright pink on one side and loud turquoise on the other.
And today, as I was in the lift going back to work, a nice, young man asked me, Is that a yoga mat?
I smiled and said, Yes, it is.
He returned the smile and said, Wow, it’s cool that you go for yoga during lunch.
I laughed and said something in jest.
And then he said, It must be working because you look really happy. Have a great day ahead.
As he got off the lift at the floor below mine, I thought for a moment and smiled.
Yes, I was happy.
I don’t know, I just was.

We don’t need a reason to be happy, do we?

A little positivity never hurts