The organised chaos

Little pockets of happiness

Every Thursday during lunch, I would go for my yoga lesson.
I love the mid-day break and the little snooze during meditation doesn’t hurt either.
But today was a little different: today, I brought along my own yoga mat.
It’s bright pink on one side and loud turquoise on the other.
And today, as I was in the lift going back to work, a nice, young man asked me, Is that a yoga mat?
I smiled and said, Yes, it is.
He returned the smile and said, Wow, it’s cool that you go for yoga during lunch.
I laughed and said something in jest.
And then he said, It must be working because you look really happy. Have a great day ahead.
As he got off the lift at the floor below mine, I thought for a moment and smiled.
Yes, I was happy.
I don’t know, I just was.

We don’t need a reason to be happy, do we?

A little positivity never hurts

2 thoughts on “Little pockets of happiness”

  1. I love the feeling of what yoga does to one – stretched, relaxed and rejuvenating. I have been looking around for a new spot to pick up yoga. Anywhere good to recommend?


  2. I get my yoga fix at my gym Fitness First. 🙂 Reason: I like going for classes, I can go swimming at the pools and I really enjoy going to FF outlets.

    Not really familiar with yoga studios and friends who are with the chains like Pure Yoga don’t really think those are outstanding in any way.


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