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Eggs, Bubbly & Company

I was going through some of the pictures that I had shot recently (ALL CRAP! URGHS!) when I realised that I hadn’t gone through these.

Back in May, we headed to YC’s apartment for brunch where he fed us with eggs, toast, champers and cheese. It was a lovely, delicious spread but we were really hungry after that. Mr Thick likes his meat, not just the by-products from nice animals like chickens and cows. We headed to Aston’s after leaving his place to feast on steaks. Mmm.

But it was fun! We must do this again soon.

Eggs and toast
Array of cheeses
Bubbly makes me happy

Looking through these pictures makes me realise how much I love my prime lens. And how I need to get used to the weight of Mr Thick’s 30D pronto, if I go ahead and buy the 60D to replace my trusty-but-sold 400D.

More pictures on my Flickr page.

4 thoughts on “Eggs, Bubbly & Company”

  1. hey, discovered your blog while desperately googling to find the name of “that sushi place at wisma which is so damn shiok”, quote my friend. your photos are great, i’m bookmarking your blog for further reading! and awww reading about you and your husband makes me smile 🙂


  2. hey sydney, thanks for popping by and your lovely compliments! Heh heh, yes, we really love that Japanese place at Wisma. And haha, hubs will be happy to hear that he makes you smile. 😉


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