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It always rains on my parade

So there I was on a dreary Monday afternoon, crowing happily to Pinkbee about the cheap holiday that I had booked for Mr Thick and myself.

Everything – airfare and accommodation – came up to only $400 for both of us, yadda yadda yadda, I exclaimed over IM in the only way that you can exclaim over IM. (Did that make sense? Good.)

It’s monsoon season in Krabi, by the way, she replied, matter-of-factly.


Okay, no wonder everything was so cheap. We had grand plans to go to Bali for a holiday but as our grand plans usually go, they died. Mr Thick has some army mobilization thingy on that Saturday of our planned trip, we procrastinated on our air tickets, and we (okay, I) dithered about going at all. We briefly contemplated going to Marina Bay Sands for a staycation instead but the horrid reviews put us off.

Now, we have a fabulous beach resort holiday on our hands, replete with monsoon rains.

I guess I can still brave the rains to go for a massage and manicure?

In happier days with sunshine (Krabi, circa 2006)