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The story of Danny & Annie

Danny & Annie from StoryCorps on Vimeo.

One of the greatest fears that I have is Death. No, not for myself – although there are times when I do wonder what would happen to my soul but that is strictly an existential conundrum – but more of what I would do if Mr Thick dies first.

I know, it’s not exactly the most romantic of things to think about your loved one but it’s hardly surprising coming from me because my own dad passed on 23 years ago, leaving my mom to bring up two kids by herself. Death may not be a close concept to many people (and you should feel blessed!) but it’s real to me.

I’ve always told Mr Thick that he had better not die before I do because there is no way I could go on without him. Oh, I am pretty sure he can survive on his own two feet without me. He may even go on and find somebody else (in which case, he can definitely expect a nocturnal visit from his very dead, very pissed and very ghostly wife). But me, nah. I could possibly live without him but why would I want to do that when being with him brings me so much joy every day?

But I digress. The clip above tells the story of Danny and Annie. They talk about their 27-year-old romance, from their very first date to his final days with terminal cancer. It’s so beautiful, touching and poignant. Two years after recording this interview and on the day that it was broadcast on public radio, Danny died.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I cried while watching this.

4 thoughts on “The story of Danny & Annie”

  1. Ya me too! Cried when I watched this clip too… *sniff sniff* You’re right, what we believe about life after death is a separate issue altogether from how life goes on after death on this side. I do think abt that sometimes too, and it’s also sth I’m scared about – like what if Mel goes before me *whimper* or vice versa.

    Of course when I told him that, he told me quite matter-of-factly ‘Don’t think about it’. Well… that works for him. Watching PS I love you did not make me feel much better about it, but it did shed some hope on how life can go on when a loved one is gone…


  2. That is definitely such a sweet video made by two people, who have been in love for such a long time. Instead of it sounding sappy, it was such real, honest and simple insights from two folks who love and supported each other dearly. My regards to Annie, the brave one who has will continue on her life while keeping Danny in her heart.

    I have asked Alv about this before and I think guys will always be guys. His response was also like a matter of fact, “it is part and parcel of life.”….then my response was to him was that “then you better outlive me!”.


  3. Sounds like it’s just women who think about such things! Mr Thick is all, why are you thinking so far ahead? Cue eye-rolling.

    And Joy, you are right. One reason why this clip is so resonant is because they speak with much affection and nostalgia without being melodramatic.


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