The organised chaos

Just take my hand

So I have been in a very bad place for the past two weeks.
I’ve just been so angry at everything and everyone.
Mad at those who make assumptions about me.
Who chuck the blame on me.
Who don’t understand me.
Mad at the universe.
Mad at the ingrates and morons I deal with at work.
It’s just not fair.
Yes, I am ANGRY.

But who says that life is easy peasy?
It’s not – sometimes it just sucks.
I had all these ranty words just waiting to be typed out on my no-longer-white Ingrid MacBook.
I was all ready to rawrrrrrrr.
And be super emo and angsty.
(PS Ingrid just zapped me with a little wave of electricity. Oh, brilliant.)

I found myself going to my cousin’s little shop twice in as many days.
Don’t know why but I just felt like being there.
Surrounded by the beautiful clothes, the noisy feminine chatter, the warm sisterly love.
And I was happy.
I felt lucky.
(Of course, I also snagged some beautiful clothes for myself.)

Now, I have a cat squashed between my ass and my chair.
And I don’t feel like typing angry, ranty words no more.

I just really, really, really want to run away from it all.

5 thoughts on “Just take my hand”

  1. Hey there, hope things are working out for you….you seem to be going through a rough patch. Cheer up by surrounding yourself with happy thoughts….and lots of chocolate and tea….


  2. Hi Yann, I hopped over and I must say, I love your blog! Going to add you to my reading list 🙂 It sounds like you were going through a rough patch — hope everything is better now.


  3. Hey, i just came across your blog recently… and somehow reading this post – i feel like i am in the place as you were..feeling the same as u did.. and seeing you later posts – gives me hope – that things will get better… :-S
    Thanks for posting even in ur darkest times…


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