The organised chaos

I’m alive! Still!

Pardon the many exclamation marks in the heading but I am super excited cos I haven’t been updating this place for like, err, the past two week.

Don’t worry, it’s not that I was hiding out in some deep, dark hole wallowing in self-pity. Those days are over. It was a rough patch and I just got over it. I suspect, though, that PMS had a big part to play in all that moodiness (hmph).

The past two weeks at work has been nothing short of hellish – lots of staying in till 10pm and feeling like my head’s all done in by 5pm. Thankfully it’s all done now and my boss and I have heaved a GREAT sigh of relief.

Also, the weekends have been just hectic, packed full of weddings, babies and friends. Phew! Everything went beautifully but man, I am exhausted. And there’s more coming up so I need to take a deep breath and just dive headlong.

Luckily, Christmas is coming in 55 days and then I will be getting a long, long break from the office!

Be back soon.

Mr Thick says this song is for me. Blush!

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