Losing steam

This work week has been TOUGH,
The medication that I was taking made me tired and sleepy ALL the time.
I had to cover my boss while she went on holiday and there were two major hiccups that seemed to require all my energies.
There was a lot of chest-puffing involved in a testosterone-filled situation, and it took the better part of two days for me to get A to talk to B. Men and their eff-ing egos.
Everybody felt that their work took precedence and demanded priority,

I am grateful for this job, don’t get me wrong, but I think I have had it up to HERE.

Times like these make me wonder what the heck I am doing with my life.
Talked to my buddy K and he said his aim is to make enough money so that his wife can be free to explore her interests and I thought, ain’t that sweet.

If this is the movie of my life, can I have my money back, please?

Halo in the sky (at Universal Studios Singapore)