Straw that broke the camel’s back

This email just came in and – oh my God – it makes me so mad.
And so ready to throw in my resignation letter.
Because I am so pissed off with the way people behave in this industry and I think we can all do with a bit of kindness and courtesy.

This probably hasn’t been communicated to you but XX Magazine is now a team of 4.

Can you include everybody in this email on future press releases please?
(what if I died or was in the labour ward? What will happen to your stories you want to tell the world?)

Just some scenarios. Hope you like the humour.


My ideal reply:

Dear Editor,
Oh my goodness! Really, there are four of you now? I never knew!

I’m sure that if you were hit by a bus and pinned under, or if you were flattened by a falling piano a la George Clooney in that Nespresso ad, you wouldn’t be as irresponsible as to ignore my email.

Because you know that we are only the LARGEST agency in town. And your pathetic little gossip rag would die without our content.

Corp Comms Manager

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