Universal Studios Singapore

When the theme park first opened, husband and I were adamant that we would not visit it. Our humid and sweltering climate would make queueing up for rides extremely uncomfortable. Plus, after getting our hearts enchanted by Disneyland in Tokyo, how could anything else from tiny Universal Studios Singapore come close?

As fate would have it, the cuz managed to get us some tickets for her company’s Family Day. (Sidenote: everyone needs cousins like mine, they are super awesome!) Thanks cuz and yay for husband and I! I mean, we didn’t pay for the tickets so technically, we weren’t going back on our words, right?

I have to admit, it was challenging going with a group that comprises of the matriarchs and a little man, who is a teeny weeny bit fearful of scary rides. I, on the other hand, am all LET’S TRY! I suspect that Mr Thick was secretly glad that the Battlestar Galactica rides were closed because I would have asked him to go for it with me and his queasy stomach would not have held. Don’t let his big frame fool you, the man has a fear of heights and gets all pukey when we take the bus facing backward.

We went mad at the Battlestar Galactica section though. To see our favourite TV show come to life – well, sort of – was nothing short of amazing. Bought a bunch of merchandise, yes, we were touristy suckers but suckers who LOVE Battlestar Galactica.

It was a tiny park and the rides were fun but I think it lacks a certain je nais se quoi. A bit of charm and personality, perhaps?

Kept the 30D home and brought my little plastic cameras out with me instead. Fab idea, really.

5 thoughts on “Universal Studios Singapore”

  1. hi! came across your blog while well, blog surfing πŸ™‚
    lovely pictures and cats u have there.
    im curious about the ‘plastic cameras’ u were talking abt… they aren’t film are they? they are really crisp and sharp!


  2. Hi Sandy, thanks for your compliments!

    Yes the cameras are film cameras – I have a 35mm Holga and a Lomo Fisheye. For the Holga, I have to admit that I tweaked the contrast a little to make it “balanced” sometimes but other than that, I pretty much leave them alone. Heh oops.


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