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Epiphanie Lola

After three months of drama and immense frustration at Borderlinx, the Epiphanie Lola camera bag that I had ordered finally arrived!

I had placed an order for it in early September but it was backordered all the way till end October. Which was perfectly fine with me because I wasn’t looking to getting a new camera anytime soon. I had it arranged to be shipped via Borderlinx and what ensued was a whole month of drama that made me tear my hair out and swear off Borderlinx.

(If you want the story, let me know and I will share it with you.)

Anyway, thanks to Joel’s recommendation, I managed to get the package re-directed to the very sweet and helpful Rachel, who promptly shipped it to me with much less fanfare and stress. Phew. She even kindly waived her service charges for shipping the Lola to me after hearing about my harrowing Borderlinx experience.

Oh, did I forget to mention that I had gotten me a new Canon 60D? I got it at a sweet price, thanks to a well-connected friend and it’s been a smooth ride so far. Loving it!

This was delivered to my doorstep one afternoon as I was working from home:

Fished this out from the dusty box:

They have this in black and turquoise but I couldn’t resist the fire engine red:

The interior of the bag:

The bag is padded on the inside, ensuring that my precious camera is safe and snug. It also comes with velcro inserts that allow you to configure the compartments for your personal stuff, the body as well as the different lenses that you are bringing along.

The icing on the cake for a vainpot like me? Why, it’s this cute little bag charm:

I took it out on Christmas day and it was fab. There was space for the 60D with the Tammy 17-50mm lens attached, the 50mm prime lens, as well as my own things. It doesn’t hurt that the Lola in no way resembles a camera bag. I know, I could have gotten a Crumpler or something similar at a lower price but come on, isn’t this bag a thing of beauty?

Think I’m going to be bringing out the camera a whole lot more often!

6 thoughts on “Epiphanie Lola”

  1. Oh. My. God. Thats got to be the most beautiful bag I have ever seen! :O omg omg where did you get it!? I WANT ITTTTTT!! 😀 puh lease let me know I will start following you 😀

    haha anyway back to your entry, borderlinx bad eh? I have been using bongous for a bit and havent had any issues. Dunno if you have heard from them, but maybe you want to try them and see if they fit you. A three-month wait for such a beauty would have drive me insaaane! Do you happen to know what happened that it took so long?


  2. Dawn – I was looking at the Kelly Moore but decided that I like the epiphanie better.

    Alejandra – you can buy the bag from It’s a lovely, isn’t it? 😉 Yes Borderlinx was terrible recently. I should write a post on how dreadful they were, hmm.

    Dotz – heh. I know!


  3. Hey Yann, congrats on getting the bag, it’s really pretty!! I’d love to get it too! My current gears are a 60D, with a 15-85mm zoom, 50mm prime and 430 EX II flash. The flash should not have problem fitting in I guess? Have you also considered Belle before finally deciding on Lola?

    Hope I won’t have much problems if I ship via vPOST.

    Happy shooting in the new year!
    Suk Yee


  4. Hi Suk Yee, I believe the Lola can definitely hold your gear. Check out this reviewer, who managed to squeeze in a camera body and three lenses (

    I did consider all of epiphanie’s products – Lola, Ginger and Belle – but I preferred the look of Lola. 😉

    Try getting your items shipped from here: Rachel is awesome and speedy!


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