Two of Us

This one’s for you

When those nosy aunts and uncles bug you to get married, they fail to mention the fact that marriage is hard work. And why shouldn’t it be? Like all relationships, a marriage certainly needs all the work it can get in order to be wonderful, brilliant and alive. Beyond the starry-eyed fascination of the oh my God we are married! stage lies a terrain that is yours and yours alone to mould. How it develops is up to your own hands and how much effort you want to put in.

Sometimes, I lose track of all these things. I forget that as much effort as I am putting into this marriage, he is putting in just as much. It’s so easy to let things slide and let my worst side emerge. But he’s never complained and he always sees the good in me.

This one is for my love. Happy 11th anniversary!

  1. Thanks for giving in to me on most things, especially when it came to adopting the cats.
  2. Thanks for making breakfast for me everyday, without fail, so that I can sleep in.
  3. Thanks for sweeping and mopping the floor every weekend, and leaving me free to potter around in the kitchen.
  4. Thanks for spooning the food into your mouth stoically even when the food is less than delicious.
  5. Thanks for making me laugh every single day.
  6. Thanks for always believing in me and my talents.
  7. Thanks for getting along so well with my sisters.
  8. Thanks for not complaining about the disproportionate proportions of the closet and the shoe cabinet.
  9. Thanks for loving the cats as much as I do.
  10. Thanks for getting me all the music, movies and TV shows that I want.
  11. Thanks for getting all the wired/wireless stuff sorted out so that I can surf the net in bed or play music wirelessly from the iPad on the speakers in the bedroom.

All photos taken by the very talented Al the Awesome.