Two of Us

20 days to Christmas

We knew the cats would attack it.
We knew that we would be coming home everyday to fallen pines and ornaments.
We knew that the bottom of the tree will end up a little misshapen because the furry brats cannot keep their paws off it.
We knew that it would be a dust magnet.

But we just could not resist putting up our tree early.
That’s how much we love Christmas.
It’s been up since November and we even made a little video to commemorate the event.

See last year’s video here.

The organised chaos

I’m a Barbie Girl, in a Barbie world

There are some blogs out there that are perfect. Not in terms of the design, but more of the content that the writer posts. They journal their daily lives – like I do – but their lives revolve around happy thoughts and happiness. It’s almost as if their lives are, well, perfect, which is frankly a little unreal.

I know that your blog is only but an aspect of who you are. It doesn’t sum up your life and your personality. But I believe that a blog is an extension of your identity, it is a written representation of you. If all you ever write about are beautiful, shiny things, then the natural thought is that you lead a beautiful, shiny life, right? If you never speak of struggles or problems, then I can’t learn from you or empathise with you. I cannot connect with you.

Perhaps these people do lead blessed lives or are able to see the positive in every situation. Unfortunately, I am not one of these writers. I have been existing in an emotional flux for a long time now and it shows on this blog. I get angry and angsty – and all of you read about it. There are people who think that I am “emo”, which is a fair enough assessment, I suppose. But I am not going to censor what I write simply to create a positive impression of myself. This blog exists because I love writing and the writing here takes an honest look at my life.

You can not like me based on what I write, that’s fine. But I’m not here to please you nor will I paint a pretty picture of myself when life is often tough and downright ugly.

I shot the Battlestar Galactica ride with my Holga at Universal Studios Singapore. Pity it was closed – the whole area was the highlight of my day!