The organised chaos

Baby, baby, baby, oh

On the evening of January 1, husband and I were chilling out in front of the TV when I received a text from the Sista: Water broke. Going to the hospital now.

Wait…what? We were supposed to have the baby shower the next day! And he’s not due till the 18th!

Oh well.

Baby Rai came into the world 26 minutes after midnight on January 2. He’s a teeny, tiny little thing at just slightly over 2kg but he’s oh so adorable.

Have I mentioned how much in love with him I am?

It’s just amazing how much larger my heart grew with his arrival. All of a sudden, I feel like I need to cuddle and hug him all the time. I want his little frame to fill up. I watch him sleep with such quiet joy. It makes me happy to see him sucking hungrily at his bottle. And when he frowns in his sleep, I think that it’s the cutest thing ever. When he opens his eyes and gives a little squawk, my heart melts. He grabs and holds my finger tightly, and I stare at him in wonderment. He doesn’t cry like most babies do and I feel so proud of him.

And he didn’t even incubate in my womb for nine months.
(I hesitate to say that he is not mine because really, he is absolutely my precious darling.)

Is it impetuous to say that I am in love with him already when he’s merely three days old?

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