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Oxford love ♥

I’m not really intellectual enough to have a profound love for the college but I do have a tremendous amount of adoration for the shoe.

L-R: Schu, Pedder Red, Marks & Spencer, Tangs and Mitica (Hue)

Yes, oxfords. Traditionally worn by men and now re-fashioned into gorgeous pieces for the modern women too. I always love how menswear evolves into womenswear: shirts become shirt-dresses and oxfords grow heels. If there is one area where the balance of equality is tipped firmly in the female camp, it’s fashion.

I’m not sure why or how but somehow in the past two years, I seem to have grown a little collection of oxfords in my shoe cabinet. On my birthday two weeks ago, I bought myself another pair from Pedder Red – this time, it’s a two-toned pair of brogues. The moment I laid eyes on the silver/black shiny combination, I was like, WHEE! BUY!

The other pair of flat oxfords are the bright pink ones that I got from Schu during a sale. They are supremely loud and obnoxious, and I never fail to get comments from my co-workers when I wear them to the office. I call them my happy shoes! When I have a shit day and I am wearing them, the colour cheers me up. They are superbly comfortable too, perfect for the day after wearing crazy heels. Score!

And because I just cleaned out and rearranged my shoe cabinet:

Shoe closet

I can stare at my shoes the entire day. How cute do they look in the cabinet?

I’ve got two more pairs coming my way so I’m seriously thinking of investing in a shoe wheel. This cabinet is Not. Big. Enough. For. My. Shoes.

Maybe husband can get rid of his Crocs.

1 thought on “Oxford love ♥”

  1. When I scrolled down the page and to the photo and scrolled some more, I did wonder when and where the photo ends. Heh. That’s a sizeable collection there! Happy colors!


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