Two of Us

Married life #13

One day after paying a visit to our friendly neighbourhood supermarket…

Me: When we have kids, I’m gonna use cloth diapers.
Him: Sure. (pauses) As long as you are doing the washing.
Me: Sure. (pauses) As long as you clean the poop. Haha!
Him: No, I refuse.
Me: Well, I’ll have to feed the kid so you can do the changing of the diapers.
Him: What’s so difficult about feeding? You’re just sitting there.
Me: How dare you! Try having an infant attached to your nipples for hours.
Him: Doesn’t sound too bad.
Me: You try using clothes pegs. Anyway, since you are already cleaning the kitties’ poop and pee, might as well clean the baby’s. I feed the cats, I feed the baby.
Him: What.
Me: We already have an arrangement. I settle the input, you take care of the output. Let’s not upset this delicate arrangement.
Him: …