Foodnotes, Two of Us

Down by the riverside

The very best dates are often those that just happen.

We ended up at Robertson Quay, where we indulged in sinfully hearty burgers (Bar Bar Black Sheep) and stopped for coffee at Kith Cafe.

My favourite beer in the world! A colleague saw me with a plastic cup of beer at an office party (v classy) and said, I didn’t think you are the sort to drink beer. And when I asked her why, she replied, You always look so put together, you look like the girl who drinks wine. Well, WHY did I buy that new epilator? I’m gonna embrace my inner beer drinker and stop shaving my legs and armpits! Oh, and not shower for three days.

Coffee followed by beer. Mmm hmm. This is one liquid diet I would happily follow EVERY SINGLE DAY. Oh what the heck, let’s throw teh-si into the mix too!

We. CANNOT. Get. Enough. Of. Bar Bar Black Sheep. I had the blue cheese burger and it was divine. I still prefer the mish mash, airy feel of the Cherry Avenue outlet though.

New coffee hangout for us, yay! Also, they use a lot of chalkboards in their decor. I have this illicit love affair with chalkboard so they automatically go right up my favourite list.