The organised chaos

No child? Stay childlike!

Scene 1 – Me sitting at home, Whatsapping my doctor*

Me: I forgot to take the progesterone last night, should I take double dose today or just ignore?
Doc: It’s okay, no need to take twice today.
Me: Okay, thanks.
Me: By the way, the nurses at the clinic are so cute. They are very nice to me.
Doc: Why do you say that?
Doc: They see you like small girl like that.
Me: !!!
Me: Are you saying that I am childish?
Doc: Ha ha.

Scene 2 – At my cousin’s boutique. I’m trying on this gorgeous polka-dot dress

Me: (preening) Should I get the dress?
Cousin: Why not? If you don’t get it, I’m going to return it to the supplier.
Me: Why? Sell to your other customers lah!
Cousin: Nobody is going to buy it, I just brought it in as an experiment. You know how my customers are like, they won’t buy such a dress.
Me: Oh no. What if I’m still dressing like this in my 40s?
Cousin: You can carry it off lah! Look at your face.
Me: What.
Cousin: You have a young face. And the way you behave too.
Me: Are you saying I am childish?!
Cousin: Err. (giggles)

Scene 3 – While walking home with husband

Me: Am I childish? I can’t be! Am matured adult.
Husband: Mmm.
Me: I certainly do not act cute.
Husband: Mmm. Actually, you do.
Me: What?!
Husband: Sometimes.
Me: (sobs) I DO NOT.

Me, at 30 years young

*Yes, my doctor and I are Whatsapp friends. If you are my friend the Queen of the Prairie, DO NOT COMMENT.