A holiday I went

Oh, hullo there!

Don’t worry, all is fine. I took a little break over the Good Friday weekend and jetted off to exotic Hong Kong. Yes, I am calling Hong Kong ‘exotic’ just because it sounds better.

Anyway, am v v v fat after downing enough siu yuk and siu ngor for a year. But man, those were some delicious fatty meats. Mmm. May no longer be svelte but am definitely still Fabulously Gorgeous. Have also made several bank-breaking Fabulously Gorgeous purchases which leaves me alternating between throes of ecstasy and mind-chomping guilt.

Let me go unpack and I will be back soon.

In my very limited Cantonese, I shall leave you with this gem: ho leng ah!

Wrinkly me, sans make-up in 2007

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