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Lefty and righty

My left ovary is complaining.

Poor thing, really, this wasn’t any of their faults but they have had to work doubly hard. No, make that 10 times as hard.

See, in a normal cycle, the two ovaries only need to grow one egg to be released. Sure, there are other competing follicles to nurture but it’s not hardcore like this. It’s more like, we’ll grow a few and see who gets to burst out first la dee da.

On Tuesday afternoon, after four days of daily 250iu of Puregon jabs, the vajayjay camera showed that there were about 10 to 12 follicles growing in there. And no prizes for guessing which ovary has been putting in extra time. No wonder Lefty has been so pissed off with me. Every night before I go to bed, Lefty has a tendency to pummel me from inside. Ah don’t like this! yells Lefty. Ah wanna talk to mah union now! Ah am overworked!


But it’s apparently all good. Dr Y is v pleased with himself for predicting the right dosage of Puregon to use. Oh, did I tell you that we opted to stick with him? Yeah. We are eating bread for our dinners for the next six months. Anyhow, he seemed pretty happy with the 12 follicles and their sizes.

In his own words, I am so glad you didn’t explode with follicles.


In fact, so happy is he with the prognosis thus far that he has decided I need to be jabbed TWICE. While the follicles are slowly reaching adulthood, I need to ensure that they stay put until the egg retrieval. So jab #2 is to prevent the follicles from spontaneously ovulating. Fun times.

This kid is SO going to OWE me for the rest of his/her life.
I mean, I haven’t had a drop of alcohol since…forever! And I have been craving Rosemount O! And Hoegaarden!

But thankfully, the jabs have been going well. It’s a bit unnerving to see the needles pierce through my skin like a hot knife through butter and truth be told, it does sting. But the pain is nothing like I had imagined, it’s been much more tolerable than expected. It’s no tea with jam and bread but it’s fine. And -touch wood- I haven’t hit a capillary yet and there are no bruises marring my tummy.

Besides the intense fatigue and my lack of appetite these days, the side effects have been minimal. Yes, I sometimes look like I have had too much to eat at the buffet table but it’s not permanent. Phew.

Most importantly, am still Fabulously Gorgeous!

Friday is scan number two, we’ll see how these little follicles of mine develop.

Good ovaries! Grow babies grow! ♥

5 thoughts on “Lefty and righty”

  1. All the best babe! May the follies not only grow, but also you get a crop of damn good eggies that will fuse with the sperm soldiers to create some beautiful embies (mine were a tad ugly – looked like bumpy fried nuts.) Hoping for good news in the coming weeks!


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