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I dreamed a dream

Maybe it’s all the hormones bubbling inside me but I was all teary eyed when listening to Lea Salonga’s rendition of I Dreamed A Dream at the 25th Anniversary concert at London’s O2 arena.

I love her, I’ve loved her since I watched Les Miserables and borrowed the CD and she was Eponine. I cried buckets when Eponine died in Marius’ arms. She was the perfect Eponine.

Her Fantine is very different from Ruthie Henshall’s. But they are both amazing singers – the notes that float out are so effortless and so crystal clear.

What would I have given to catch the 25th anniversary concert!

2 thoughts on “I dreamed a dream”

  1. Boo hoo. I loved Eponine too and A Little Fall of Rain and On My Own. I would watch Les Miserables again and again. I got all weepy too when I heard I Dreamed A Dream some time back – can’t remember whether it was during the ivf or when I got pregnant. I teared last Friday just 3 minutes into The Lion King at the sight of the baby elephant prancing around and when baby Simba was presented to the world. And that was only the opening scene! Damn hormones!!!


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