Two of Us

No one ring to rule me

I have bad luck with rings.
It’s so bad that if I were a ring, I would run away screaming when faced with me.

See, I like my fingers nice and bare. Rings feel strange and out of place on my hands. So I do things like take them off before I wash my hands, when I am typing, when I am cooking. Combine that with my leaky memory, I tend to err leave them behind.

How do I scare away the rings? Let me count the ways.

V sweet, Mr Thick bought it for me when I became his girlfriend. That, however, had the most unfortunate end of all the rings.

It got FLUSHED DOWN the toilet bowl.

Uhhmm. The story that I told him was that it was loose and fell into the toilet bowl. And before I knew it, the automatic flush kicked in and it literally went down the drain.

Well. The truth was, I was sitting on the throne and doing my big business. At the same time, I was playing with my ring, a bad habit that I haven’t been able to get rid of after all these years. So there I was huffing and puffing away, and twiddling my ring at the same time and oops! It dropped into the bowl.

Aghast, I stood up and stared down at the bowl. Damn. Should I retrieve my ring? But that’s gross! Before I could continue with my murky thoughts, the automatic flush kicked in! BYE BYE RING!

(I was secretly relieved.)

Poor Mr Thick, he even bought me a replacement ring. Let’s find out what happened to the replacement.

I hate having my ring on when I am in the gym so I had it off. After the shower, I grabbed my stuff from the locker and plonked myself down at the mirror and started drying my hair, my precious ring sitting on the countertop.

I dried my hair, preened in front of the mirror and then flounced off. Without my ring.

By the time I remembered, I rushed back to the locker room and it was gone.

Bye bye ring!

Now, this is the biggie that we are talking about: my wedding band. This time, I was at the Tampines gym with husband. I had taken the ring off before our RPM class and set it down in the locker. And just as before, I dried my hair, preened in front of the mirror and flounced off, leaving my ring behind in the locker.

I went outside to the lounge and had a drink with husband. But there was a niggling thought at the back of my mind. Hmm. As my fingers automatically sought for my ring to fiddle with it, I realised that AH HA! My ring! Thank goodness it was a Sunday and nobody had taken the locker after I had vacated it.


And we lived happily ever after.

This is why I don't wear my engagement ring

3 thoughts on “No one ring to rule me”

  1. I am secretly wishing that you’ll lose your enegagement ring to me, getting some serious ring envy here, it’s goooorgeous!

    Anyway, on a serious, less thieving-conspiracy note, I haven’t lost my rings (thank goodness) but I can’t quite have them on all day as well, I take them off the minute I get home, when I do chores, when I sleep etc. Glad I’m not the odd one out!


  2. Funny, had the same ring episode.. before leaving for Geneva, was packing my valuables and found the recent diamond ring given by the Man missing. Went in a state of panic and searched high and low before finding it tucked in one of my bags. Phew.. the Man was not happy!


  3. That’s one yummilicious ring!! Ooh!

    I’m the total opposite from you though. I never take off my engagement ring and wedding band (they’re now on the same finger coz it feels the most comfortable that way). That’s why I need to take the engagement ring for regular cleaning! If I do remove them now, you’ll see a ring of lighter toned skin. Wahaha!


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