Health Goddess

Eggnoids, out

So the eggnoids have been taken out of my plumbing and are currently frolicking in a petri dish somewhere with the sperm boys, with one hand holding on to a margarita.

Unfortunately, no such luck for me. The sedation wasn’t very kind to me and I slept most of yesterday away. Woke up with terrible cramps and had to pop painkillers. Gah. Am still walking around like the hunchback of Notre Dame and probably look it too.

V v sad. No longer am I Fabulously Gorgeous.

Appetite still hasn’t returned and am v depressed thinking of all the food that I want to eat but can’t.

O, juicy Shashlik steak! I wouldn’t mind getting grumpy Hainanese uncles dumping a dollop of sour cream on my table just to sink my teeth into your meaty bits (true story, uncle missed my bowl while scooping the sour cream into my bowl of goulash and chucked in on my placemat without his dour expression changing. I thought it was hilarious, while normally I would have been pissed off).

Will write more when I can sit up straight. Also, need to wipe cat puke off floor, idiot cat insists on eating my plants and going all bulimic on me after that. Curses.

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