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Back to the mothership

So tomorrow, the eggnoids will be sent back to the Mothership where they will hopefully stay and grow.

I don’t know how I should feel. Excited? Eager? Scared? Worried? Maybe all of the above. I just know that I have this creeping thought that it’s not going to go well. I mean, after all these MONTHS of disappointment, it’s really hard for me to move on to optimism and positivity. I know, I really shouldn’t feel this way but I’m just so terrified of having high hopes and crashing back into the earth with the most painful thud.

Plus, I just had a tough phone call with my mom. She was fab but all she could talk about was Rai and how cute he was. It just made it all that tougher for me to tell her how hard it has been for me and what I have gone through. I just felt like she didn’t need to hear all the bad stuff when she is finally in a good place right now. I ended up not saying anything other than that the transfer is tomorrow.

Maybe I’ll be able to talk more about my experience once the procedure has been done. Thank you for your kind words and in the meantime, please, wish me hope and luck will ya?

7 thoughts on “Back to the mothership”

  1. Its very difficult but you need to remain positive and believe that you will get your happy ending – something about positive vibes increases chances all round! As for the ‘What Ifs’ – just cross the bridge when you get there.

    Deep breaths, ALL SMILES and I hope for the very best for you.


  2. Try to relax and not think too much – I know it can be nerve-wrecking but it’s something you’ll have to overcome. Take care and I’ll wait for your GOOD NEWS! *HUGS*


  3. Thank you everyone! Your prayers must have worked, I was relaxed and happy during the transfer. Even if the embryos are not of the best quality, I am content knowing that I have done my absolute best. 🙂


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