The organised chaos

Morning glory

I have never been the early bird.

I hate HATE waking up early with a vengeance and spending the weekend sleeping in is one of my life’s greatest pleasures.

But this morning, I found my eyes wide open and my brains alert at 5 in the frigging morning! Had a pretty strange dream and it woke me up.

I was dying of something and I decided that I would go on a holiday before I come home to undergo surgery with an unnamed and unseen doctor, who was all, You know you can die right. Erm, yes. After a petty fight with a friend over the phone, I decided to call the v witty and clever Dr Y.

Me: Hi Doc.
Doc: Hi.
Me: Let me ask you something. Are my ovaries gonna explode and kill me soon?
Doc: Erm, yes.
Me: Oh. So if I go on this trip, I may just die of exploded ovaries.
Doc: Well, yes.
Me: Okay in that case, can I do the surgery with you now? I’ll postpone my holiday.
Doc: Sure. But you know that I am going to be out of town for the next couple of days right?
Me: That’s okay. I’ll call you in three days’ time.

How BIZARRE is that? I remembered every single detail, well almost, of the dream when normally they are all fuzzy and faded. When I recounted this to my friend The Queen of the Prairie (and Prom Queen of ’99, as she would like to add), she said I must have been feeling too anxious about everything. Poor me!

So I was up at 5 and as I laid there in bed, trying to get back to sleep, SOMEBODY whose name rhymes with SLIMY shoved his hand into my face and stayed there! WTF! He is either smothering me to death with his symphony of snores or crossing the line into my territory. Gah! Men and women are NOT made to share a bed.

Obviously could not sleep at that moment since was consumed by anger by that errant hand lingering in my pillow. I decided to get up and take my gastric meds since the tummy was happily churning away. Made a cup of Milo, sat down at my balcony and this was what I saw:

The gorgeous sky was shedding its night skin and transforming into day. What beautiful colours! I’m so going to miss the view when those vile, VILE new flats are built directly in front of and diagonally across from our flat.

That view made me pretty happy and all blissed out. Enough to go back into the room and lovingly wake husband up at 7. Am wonderful, sweet, forgiving wife.

‘Twasn’t too bad a morning after all.

3 thoughts on “Morning glory”

  1. I’ve been having annoyingly realistic nightmares that make me cry till I get woken up by my husband, and yes it’s because I’ve been too anxious about things too. Completely get how you feel, *sayang*.

    At least you woke up to a beautiful sight!!


  2. Yes I am okay, just been through something bad lately at home and I thought I got over it, but subconsciously, it looks like I haven’t. Oh well, the sun still rises and sets everyday, life goes on. I hope the sun will always shine on you too!


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