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Hong Kong eats: Tai Ping Koon

Okay, let’s take a break from all these infertility shit and go back in time to when we went to Hong Kong for a holiday. I miss the food and looking at these pictures, I am one starvin’ marvin.


Confucius say (in Hong Kong accent), when you go Hong Kong, you must eat.

Oay, so obviously Confucius never said that and obviously, one must eat wherever they are, be they in Hong Kong or Timbuktu. But it must be said that our trip was planned solely around shopping and eating. Cousins and I did lots of research (Googling on my part and word of mouth on their part) and the result was that we were v fed and v happy.

The first port of call was Tai Ping Koon. As with most cha chan teng in Hong Kong, Tai Ping Koon has a heritage that would make Singaporean restaurants blush. Stepping into the eatery reminded us greatly of Shashlik – it’s so old school and cosy, with elderly men as their wait staff. Thankfully, these waiters aren’t as grumpy as the Shashlik ones, though I always say that Shashlik is the one restaurant that I would actually go and expect to be given grouchy service. ♥ Shashlik.

Back to TPK. We were starving after the flight at 4pm but didn’t want to ruin our appetites for dinner so we decided to share two tea sets: the beef hor fun (dry) and chicken wings in Swiss sauce. They were YUMMY!

Nom nom nom.
Am v fond of the beef hor fun and chicken wings, so much so that we went back a second afternoon for a late lunch. This time, we each took a beef hor fun set plus a side order of chicken wings – all eight of them wings! Slurped up every morsel of the food and washed it all down with milk tea. The Swiss sauce was v addictive, am going to try and replicate it at home.

Pictorial evidence!

Old school tea house
Beef Hor Fun
Chicken Wings in Swiss Sauce
Milk tea

3 thoughts on “Hong Kong eats: Tai Ping Koon”

  1. You should totally try it the next time you’re there. The souffle is very big but you just have to tell yourself that it’s all air. hahaha


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